Corbis Videos are Now Available at Getty Images

corbis-motion-logoWith Corbis announcement to move most of its significant content to Getty Images, it poses a new question to the creative community. Is this good news or bad news? Many of the moves in the Internet is for the benefit of the company, but not Corbis. Its acquisition by VCG only provides creative professionals with a more comprehensive and diverse collection to explore. They can also enjoy other expanded benefits such as the pricing for various budget levels.

Here are some things you need to know about the merge:

  • Not all Corbis content will be migrated to Getty Images. Only the most popular Corbis videos, images and archive collections will be available in the stock site, along with collections from various image partners.
  • The move must have been completed already. It started with the most significant Corbis videos, images and archive collection in May 2016 and continued until the summer.
  • The content migrated were selected by Getty Images experts.
  • At Getty’s website, you can also purchase Corbis videos, images and archival content with the new Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks offer simple licensing and built-in savings on royalty free creative content, plus editorial stills.
  • To find Corbis videos on Getty, use the current Corbis asset ID.

About Getty Images


Getty Images is one of the leading stock media agencies today. By merging Corbis content to its library, creative professionals now have a wider range of content to choose from. It offers powerful imagery with flexible options for every budget. It also offers custom solutions for every creative need. With Getty, you can purchase Corbis videos, images and archival content via a la carte and Ultrapacks. Whether you’re looking for commercial-ready or editorial footages, you can find it at Getty.

Getty Images has a huge collection of stock footage clips, a total of 50,000 hours of film. With Corbis videos available in its library, you will have more hours of film to work with. From commercial to editorial clips, you can download and purchase only premium content from two of the world’s top stock media sites. You can also browse through amazing archive collections, as well as premium content from popular media partners like BBC Motion and National Geographic.

Getty Images and Corbis are two of the very popular companies to buy stock footage and images. They have been in the industry for decades and have an excellent reputation. By combining their libraries, creative professionals now have a huge selection to purchase and download. You can purchase premium footage and images from the stock sites’ collections plus high profile partners. All these are available with a la carte and Ultrapacks downloads.

Are you still looking for Corbis videos? Visit Getty Images to find the footages you always love.